Happy Publication day to STORM OF WISHES by Jacqueline West

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Wishing a happy publication day to Jacqueline West and A STORM OF WISHES, the spellbinding conclusion to her series, THE COLLECTORS.

It’s been only a few weeks since Van uncovered a magical secret—that wishes really can come true, and that a mysterious society called the Collectors protects us from the dire consequences even the smallest wish can have. Van knows only too well how wishing can go awry: his mother is recovering from a broken leg, his friend Pebble has been stolen away by the evil wish collector Mr. Falborg, dozens of dangerous creatures called Wish Eaters have escaped into the world, and Van himself has almost died—twice—all because of wishes.

When Van’s mother is offered a position at the renowned Fox Den Opera, located in the quiet, beautiful forest a few hours north of the [more]

Move over, Wonder Woman and Superman–here come Aerospace Engineer and Particle Physicist!

Baby loves to explore the world of science! What’s next for Baby after learning about physics, engineering, computers, and the natural world? Becoming a scientist, of course! In this fun look at scientific careers, parents and children can talk about different science fields and the everyday heroes that work in them. Beautiful, visually stimulating illustrations complement age-appropriate text to encourage baby’s sense of wonder. 

To buy, please click here, or visit your local indie bookstore, or online vendors: Amazon, Indie Bound or Barnes + Noble.… [more]

Some web work is better left to the experts. That is, people with skills and understanding. That is, people other than me.

Humpty_Dumpty_TennielWe are back—not just from vacations and working holidays, but from the netherworld that is 404 status for the blog. In a heart-breakingly comic series of mishaps, I managed to delete both the company blog and, in trying to restore that, the entire desktop from my computer (where I’d unwisely stored thousands of files), and my Time Capsule backups of same were no longer recognizing his computer. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Enter the tech monkeys at Apple, the friendly folks at our web hosting service, and the snarky genius who is Symon Chow, and it is all back up and running. I’ve aged a few decades in the past couple … [more]

Well, hello there, friends. Long time no blog. I hope everyone had a wonderful end of the summer and you’re all ready for back-to-school for the parents, back-to-work for the teachers, or back-to-working-every-week if you’re like the rest of us working stiffs.

And yes, I include myself as someone who worked. “But what of your ‘break?'” you ask. Well, it wasn’t really a break. It was a chance to try (and fail) to catch up on the queries in my inbox (I’m almost through June as of this posting… I know, I’d hoped to do better), spend some time relaxing like in the scene pictured above (you can’t see me in the picture—I’m in the water on the other side of the boat about to be struck in the head by the oar), and read, … [more]

After taking some time with family, friends, and secretly doing work when we were supposed to be on sabbatical, we’re firing the blog back up and (partially) opening up submissions once again. Please always check out our submissions page for the latest information about how to submit your work to us.

If you’re a writer who sent your work in prior to December 15th of 2009, please know we didn’t quite hit our goal of responding to every single query before the year was over, but rest assured that a response is on its way!

For now, we’re firing up our computers, cracking our knuckles, and grinding the coffee to make sure 2010 is a fantastic year. More to come!