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Lights! Camera! Action! I’m thrilled to announce that this week, two of my clients snagged themselves a segment on the CBS Early Show (which, in case you didn’t know, boasts a cool 3 million viewers).

A big congratulations to the phenomenal Deesha Philtvyaw and Michael Thomas, a powerful ex-wife and ex-husband writing duo who teamed up to practice and advocate co-parenting. What the heck is co-parenting, you ask? Co-parenting is the post-divorce practice of putting aside your differences with your ex for the sake of the children in order to create a stable, loving family environment.

In addition to their personal commitment to their children, Deesha and Mike created the website, an online resource for divorced parents looking for ways to effectively and lovingly care for their children. Additionally, they co-host a … [more]


Before I got into publishing, maintaining my social network pages was easy. I joined Facebook in 2005, a bygone era where the most I had to worry about was whether or not my profile picture made me look chubby.

When I was lucky enough to land a job in publishing, I suddenly realized that my Facebook profile was filled with material I didn’t exactly want every writer out there to see: three years worth of immature jokes shared with college friends, photos of me in silly costumes from various Halloween parties, and links to off-color material that made me laugh. I decided the day I became an agent that I was going to maintain Facebook only for my personal use. If I didn’t know you or want every piece of information on my profile to … [more]