Recapping Chris’ Summer of 2010

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Tag: Summer reading

Well, hello there, friends. Long time no blog. I hope everyone had a wonderful end of the summer and you’re all ready for back-to-school for the parents, back-to-work for the teachers, or back-to-working-every-week if you’re like the rest of us working stiffs.

And yes, I include myself as someone who worked. “But what of your ‘break?'” you ask. Well, it wasn’t really a break. It was a chance to try (and fail) to catch up on the queries in my inbox (I’m almost through June as of this posting… I know, I’d hoped to do better), spend some time relaxing like in the scene pictured above (you can’t see me in the picture—I’m in the water on the other side of the boat about to be struck in the head by the oar), and read, … [more]