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A Very Happy Publication Day for MADE BY MAXINE by Ruth Spiro!

Today I’m delighted to wish a happy pub day to a marvelous new picture book, MADE BY MAXINE, by Ruth Spiro! You’ll recognize Ruth’s name as the author of the BABY LOVES SCIENCE board books — this is her newest project. Meet Maxine, an inspiring young maker who knows that with enough effort and imagination (and mistakes), it’s possible to invent anything. Maxine loves making new things from old things. She loves tinkering until she has solved a problem. She also loves her pet goldfish, Milton. So when it’s time for her school’s pet parade, she’s determined to create something that will allow Milton to march with the other animals. Finally, after trying, trying, and trying again, she discovers just the right combination of recycled odds and ends to create a fun, functional – and…

Happy Book Birthday to Jacqueline West’s THE COLLECTORS

Today is the day THE COLLECTORS, Jacqueline West’s haunting middle grade novel, hits the shelves. This is a story about what happens when our wildest wishes really do come true. Van has always been an outsider. Most people don’t notice him. But he notices them. And he notices the small trinkets they drop, or lose, or throw away—that’s why his collection is full of treasures. Then one day, Van notices a girl stealing pennies from a fountain, and everything changes. He follows the girl, Pebble, and uncovers an underground world full of wishes and the people who collect them. Apparently not all wishes are good and even good wishes often have unintended consequences—and the Collectors have made it their duty to protect us. But they aren’t the only ones who have their eyes on the…

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JOIN US! #AskUpstart Session coming Tuesday, April 9th!

The agents of Upstart Crow Literary are hosting an #AskUpstart session next Tuesday, April 9th from 1:00-2:00 pm EST. This is an opportunity to ask us any publishing or book related questions – we’re here to help! In preparation for that, here’s some information about the session.   Who’s participating? Danielle Chiotti, Susan Hawk, Alex Penfold, and Michael Stearns. For more information about each of us, please click the ABOUT link for our bios.   What do you represent? Children’s books of all kinds—young adult, middle grade, picture books, as well as graphic novels, and non-fiction for children and teens. In addition we also rep select cookbooks, adult fiction, and nonfiction. Again, more details and specifics in the About link.   Are all four of you open to submissions right now?  Danielle Chiotti and Susan Hawk are open….

In Search of New Readers!

I am looking for three Readers, to help me review middle grade and young adult manuscripts. Publishing experience isn’t necessary; I’m looking for keen, thoughtful readers, who love YA and MG fiction and whose personal taste isn’t wildly different than mine. Especially important is knowledge of recent award-winners and New York Times bestsellers. Readers will have a firsthand view into an agent’s work and decision-making process. Past readers have been writers for children, children’s librarians, elementary school teachers, MFA students. All of them have been passionate about books for children and teens. Here are some details: Readers review and report on one manuscript every week. I ask for a minimum six-month commitment, though many readers have stayed on longer. Communication is largely via email, though I also plan periodic Q&A sessions with readers (via gchat/skype or…