Danielle Chiotti

The best books start here.

Danielle Chiotti

Danielle Chiotti has worked in publishing for eighteen years. Formerly an editor, she joined Upstart Crow when it was founded in 2009, specializing in young adult and middle grade fiction, as well as cookbooks and select nonfiction. Thanks to her extensive editorial background, she enjoys working closely with authors to develop projects. She welcomes first-time authors with a unique voice and point of view.

The first book I ever loved was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.

I remember when I got my very own copy. My dad drove me over to the Waldenbooks at the mall, and held my little hand in his big hand while he plucked the book from the shelf and handed it to me. I still remember the smell of it—a cross between oatmeal and papier maché.

Oh, the thrill of a new book!

I read Charlotte’s Web so many times I could recite the first chapter by heart. I read it until the pages became soft and worn and the cover fell off.

It’s not a coincidence that when the time came to grow up and get a job, I decided to make a living out of making books. But I suppose that what I’m really doing as a literary agent is chasing that feeling I got way back in the third grade—that rush of emotion, that swell of love, that sweeping feeling of pure joy that comes from falling in love with a great book.