A Dress for the Wicked

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The high-stakes fashion scene of a re-imagined nineteenth century Europe takes center stage in this YA debut perfect for fans of The Belles and The Luxe.


True to its name, the sleepy town of Shy in Avon-Upon-Kynt is a place where nothing much happens. And for eighteen years, Emmaline Watkins has feared that her future held just that: nothing.


But when Madame Jolene, the head of the most prestigious fashion house in the country, throws open her annual design competition to girls from outside the stylish capitol city, Emmy’s dreams seem closer than they ever have before.


After all, no one is ever going to see Emmy’s grand, lavish dresses if she stays behind the bar in her mother’s pub. There may not be room for her talent in Shy, but if she can make it to the capitol and into the competition, she and her designs could make their mark on the world forever.


As the first “country girl” to compete, Emmy knows she’ll encounter extra hurdles on her way to the top. But there are surprises around every corner in the Fashion House, and distractions–from unexpected romance to competitors set on sabotage–threaten to derail Emmy’s concentration for good.


As Emmy navigates the twisted world of high fashion, she starts to wonder: will she be able to tailor herself to fit into this dark, corrupted race? And at what cost?


“Set in an alternate Victorian London-like past, this blends competition and cooperation for compelling drama. A unique debut with plenty of flair.” (Booklist)