Follow the Line to School

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Follow the line from the science corner to the library, from recess to show-and-tell. This new Follow the Line book-illustrated in Laura Ljungkvist’s signature line style-takes children on a colorful, comforting, and altogether fun romp through the school day. With its unique modern design and engaging interactive text, Follow the Line to School is sure to appeal to both new and returning students.

“Accessible to the youngest students, this will also appeal to relatively seasoned first-graders, who can tackle the questions and take their time to pore over details in the stylized retro art.”—Booklist

“Readers won’t watch the clock; when the final bell rings—’Home!’—they’ll wonder how the day went by so fast.”—Horn Book Magazine

“Just right for sharing with one or two soon-to-be-schoolers or for independent browsing of the stylish illustrations.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This is the kind of book that could either be read through quickly, or lingered over…a great springboard in a classroom; after reading in a group setting, children could then concoct their own line adventure. Recommended.”—Library Media Connection

“The story’s interactive elements highlight the underlying message about the joys of learning.”—Publishers Weekly

“Practically a user’s guide for how an adult and child can engage in conversation while reading together…clever mixed-media artwork is brimming with familiar artifacts and tools, yet Ljungkvist’s clean-cut Scandinavian style and simplicity of composition keep the pages from being visually overwhelming.”—School Library Journal

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