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Dear All,

As Upstart Crow nears its fourth anniversary, we're both happy and a tad wistful.

Happy because we have a new agent (Alexandra Penfold) with many new, wildly talented clients (Jessixa Bagley, Anna Boll, Cakespy, Erica Cameron, Bethany Hegedus, Adam Lehrhaupt, Meghan McCarthy—and that's only the first half of the alphabet). To all, welcome to the family.

We're also thrilled about our new office space on Fifth Avenue, in a suite that we're told once upon a time hosted Judy Blume. A better office vibe we can't imagine. And with our new office, we have new interns, all of whom are so smart and dedicated that they inspire us all.

And we're excited about the still-to-come site redesign. Our first designer didn't work out, but we're talking to a few new prospects and hope to have the new site up and running by September.

Finally, we're wistful, too, as we say goodbye to one of our founding agents and best friends, Chris Richman, who is quitting agenting to work in PR. (And, we hope, to write.) As happens when an agent departs, a fair number of his clients have departed with him. We wish them all the best and thank them for their time at Upstart.

Yours as always,

Michael Stearns
Upstart Crow Literary

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