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How to Submit to Upstart Crow

  • Submit a QUERY and TWENTY PAGES of your manuscript to one of the agents listed below.
  • Please put your query and sample in the body of the email. We will not open emailed attachments.
  • Author/illustrators: NB—Please include a link to your online portfolio and/or to your downloadable dummy. (Thank you!)

If your submission is received by our system, an automated response will be emailed to you.

Upstart Crow runs a nearly paper-free office (or that’s what we aim for, anyway), and trust that we are serious when we tell you: we do not accept hard copy submissions via the US mail. We consider only electronic submissions. Mailed submissions will be thrown unread into the recycle bin.


Agents currently accepting submissions

Susan Hawk

A bit about Susan's tastes

Susan represents books for children and teens only: picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult, along with some non-fiction for children and teens too.  She’s committed to building a diverse list of books and authors, and welcomes submissions in this area.

She’s looking for books that grab her by the heart and don’t let go! Complex, layered, flawed, and lively characters are irresistible to her. She loves writing that acknowledges and explores the way humans can hold opposing feelings—sometimes lots of them—all at one time.

Plot is equally important. She wants to be drawn deeply into your story, and even if it isn’t an adventure, she wants to feel like she’s on the edge of her seat, waiting to see what will happen next.  Humor is key—she likes wry, witty humor (not so much gross-out humor). Even if your book isn’t meant to be a knee-slapper, a bit of something funny is very welcome. She wants writing that’s sharp, focused, thoughtful and inventive. She’s a sucker for bittersweet and soulful.  Literary or commercial, high concept or character-driven, she wants to be surprised by your book.

She’s omnivorous when it comes to genre and loves reading mystery, fantasy, scifi, humor, boy books, historical, contemporary — you name it.

In picture books, she’s currently looking only for author-illustrators and is drawn to work that’s vibrant and emotional, indelible characters, and succinct, expressive texts that tell a real story.  The non-fiction she represents relates to kid’s daily lives and their concerns with the world.

Susan does not represent books for adults.  For more on what Susan is looking for, please see here and here.

Thank you for submitting your work!

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Danielle Chiotti

A bit about Danielle's tastes

Danielle is actively seeking fresh young adult and middle grade fiction across all genres. She is drawn toward gorgeous writing and strong, flawed characters. Her dream project for young readers is one that challenges and inspires, with a compelling voice that will make her stay up all night reading. Good examples of this are Chime by Franny Billingsley, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly, and When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead.

For adult fiction, she is seeking  up-market commercial fiction. She prefers books that explore deep emotional relationships in an interesting or unusual way. Good examples of this are Shine Shine Shine  by Lydia Netzer, The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty, and A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.

She is not considering the following adult categories: romance, mystery/suspense/thriller, science fiction, horror, or erotica.

For nonfiction, she is looking for compelling, voice-driven projects that shed a humorous or thought-provoking light on a previously unknown topic in the areas of narrative nonfiction/memoir, lifestyle, relationships, humor, current events, food, wine, and cooking.

[Some browsers will not launch the email client; in that case, know that the submission address for danielle is danielle.submission care of gmail. Thx.]


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Any agents not listed above are CLOSED to submissions. Manuscripts sent to them will be discarded unread.


More Info

We respond to most queries within twelve weeks. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of submissions received, personal responses are only very rarely possible. But if we are interested, we will request your full manuscript.

Many writers fear writing queries, but it shouldn’t frighten you off! They’re easy. If you don’t know how to write a query, please read the Writer’s Toolbox post “How to write a query letter” for a quick tutorial. Thank you for trying us, and all good luck! We’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.