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Ellis Alexander Carrington is the author of the middle-grade novel, BUZZ, which placed as a finalist for the 2018 American Book Fest Best Book Awards. He enjoys writing whenever he can and would like to give a quick shout out to the American University MFA program as well as his undergraduate alma mater Towson University.... [More]
Jody Casella is an author and a former high school English teacher. Her YA novel Thin Space received a starred review from Kirkus and was a finalist on the 2014-15 Florida Teens Read List. She blogs, reviews books, speaks at libraries and schools, and teaches workshops at the Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio. She is... [More]
Nicole D. Collier, Ph.D. is a former elementary school teacher turned executive coach. She’s also a non-competitive runner and salsera, and has been known to turn cartwheels from time to time. The Georgia native writes contemporary middle grade fiction. Her debut novel, JUST RIGHT JILLIAN, will be published by Versify in 2021.
Shiva Delsooz is an Iranian-Canadian illustrator with an educational background in animation. In her free time she enjoys drinking tea while watching foreign films to learn new things from different cultures. 
Bree Despain is the author of the Dark Divine trilogy, consisting of The Dark Divine, The Lost Saint, and The Savage Grace,  as well as The Shadow Prince and The Eternal Key, the first two volumes of her new teen series, Into The Dark. She rediscovered her childhood love for writing when she took a... [More]
Hadley Douglas is a wine expert and the owner of the Urban Grape, a popular wine store in Boston. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, T.J. Douglas and their two sons.
T.J. Douglas is a wine expert and the owner of the Urban Grape, a popular Boston wine store. He lives with his wife, Hadley, and their two sons in Boston, Massachusetts.
Jen Swann Downey is the author of The Ninja Librarians: The Accidental Keyhand and The Ninja LIbrarians: Sword in the Stacks (Sourcebooks, 2014 & 2016). Jen is haunted by that post-apocalyptic Twilight Zone episode in which a book-lover finally has the time to read all the books he wants, but then steps on his eyeglasses. She... [More]