Upstart Crow Literary is an entirely green company, and we accept submissions only via email. (Is this because we’re eco-conscious? Or because we hate messing about with giant stacks of paper and letter openers and having to lick envelopes and stick stamps and make frequent trips to the post office? Perhaps it is for both reasons.)

We do not accept submissions via hard copy and the US Mail. Mailed submissions will be tossed unread into the recycle bin.

We not only prefer email, we ask that you not send us anything on paper unless you clear it with us first. But should you need our mailing address, it is:

Upstart Crow Literary
594 Dean Street, Office 47
Brooklyn, NY  11238

  • Should you need to contact an individual agent directly for anything other than a submission or a query follow-up, please locate them on our About page.
  • To send a submission, please follow the instructions here.
  • For general requests for information, please use the contact form below. We’ll try and respond to you as quickly as possible.
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