Amazon Publishing. What Does it Mean to You?
October 17, 2011

So. The new Amazon publishing program.Lots of folks are taking about this article in the New York Times.I can see why it's a very exciting prospect for new writers, or for writers with a lot of talent who have had trouble getting their work noticed under the more traditional model. Heck, it's obviously exciting for the established--and bestselling--authors who are now publishing with Amazon.I can't see why this would make the need for an agent any less important. But obviously I'm quite biased in favor of agents.I want to write more about it, but in the meantime, I'd like to hear from you.Writers, both published and unpublished: How do you feel about the new publishing venture from Amazon? Does it change your view of what it means to "get published"? Is it more alluring than the "traditional model" to you, in terms of getting your work out there? Does it make you feel like you need an agent any less than you would with a more traditional publisher? Discuss!