Apple's iPad
January 27, 2010

So at long last, the Apple iPad has been announced and demo'd, and you can find a photostream of the presentation at Engadet. Is it a game changer? Or did Jobs—as Michael Grant writes below—punt the reader? I disagree, but then, that's my nature—contrarian. Especially where Grant is concerned.


The iPad will probably kill the Kindle, but I don't think it really laid a glove on Amazon. The book reader interface is a steal from some other guy and not in any way revolutionary.And judging by the pricing used on their mock-up, Apple has fallen into a trap with the legacy publishers. Also, there's no enhancing capability. And since the iPad takes all iPhone apps it means Amazon can sell Kindle books to the iPad as of day one.Kind of looks like Steve Jobs punted on e-books, at least in terms of retailing and publishing.But what do you all think?