Building the Perfect E-Reader
October 22, 2009



publishing world has been aflutter over the quick rise of the e-reader. With Apple announcing its forthcoming tablet, Amazon through three versions of the Kindle already, and Barnes and Noble dropping their Nook like it's hot, there's plenty of change, competition, and innovation. But when will they get it just right?When the Kindle first came out, I had no intention of buying one. "I'm old fashioned!" I yelled from my rocking chair. "I need to feel the book in my hand!" *Ting* went the spittoon.When I landed a job that required a few hours of reading, mostly from Word documents, a day, the Kindle suddenly made more sense. I sucked it up, laid down the $350 or whatever it was at the time, and was mostly happy. Sure, I was getting tons more reading done on the subway. Sure, I was breezing through submissions. There was a small part of me that wished I could take notes and edit, but who was I to gripe?Well, I griped when Amazon lowered the price a month after I bought my Kindle. Now more people are griping as newer technology looks to make the Kindle a thing of the past, as Michael pointed out in a post from earlier this month. Now we have the Nook, which has some nice features, like a touchscreen, color navigation, and the ability to lend books to friends, which, honestly, is pretty huge. But they've also dropped the ball by not being able to view and open Word documents, meaning I'd never use one (to date, I've purchased one book for my Kindle).So help me out here...whether you love 'em, hate 'em, or chase after them with torches and pitchforks, what would you like to see in your ideal e-reader?