Classics That Ain't So Classic
September 15, 2009

Following Michael's thought-provoking post on writing reviews on Goodreads, I figured I'd take my turn dipping a spoon into the controversy crock-pot. You see, there are works that are commonly thought to fall into the children's book canon, classics that stay with readers for years. These are the books people look forward to giving to children again and again, so they, too, can experience these wonderful stories that are loved so dearly. But every once in a while you'll finds one of these books that you, well, just don't like that much.But you keep quiet. You don't rock the boat. You hope no one notices the slight hitch in your voice when you say, "Oh, it was ... lovely!" and quickly change the subject to the terrific cookies Loraine baked.We spend so much time purring about those books we hold dear. I think it's time to talk a little about children's classics that we just don't like. Did you find yourself hoping Wilbur got the ax? Wishing Willie Wonka kept his stupid factory closed? Wondering why those stuck-up kids wandered into the Metropolitan Museum of Art?Here's your chance to get it off your chest. In the comments, post a title and a quick explanation (think, 75 words or less) for why a classic book just didn't work for you. If you feel more comfortable, post anonymously.I'll start things off with The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin: I had a memory of enjoying this as a kid and recently picked it up to reread. This time? Complete snoozefest. Too many characters, too many points of view, not compelling enough (could be because I remembered the ending, but regardless) to keep me interested. I think I may have (gulp) actually liked the movie as a kid, and not the book. I put it aside after 40 pages.To add to the fun, feel free to also post a rebuttal to someone else's pick, limited to under 50 words, if possible.We can argue. We can debate. And we can have some fun. Let er' rip!