Congratulations to Ruth Spiro on the publication of her new picture book, Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever!
February 16, 2021

A huge hooray for Ruth Spiro on the publication of her second MAXINE picture book!

Best friends Maxine and Leo combine their maker and artistic skills to create (and save!) the ultimate garden in this empowering, STEM-focused picture book

After sketching and plotting and planting, Maxine and Leo know they’ve made The Greatest Garden Ever! But they’re not the only ones who think so. Soon, all sorts of animals make their way in, munching on carrots and knocking over pots. When Leo and Maxine can’t agree on a way to deter these unwelcome critters, it looks like there’s more on the line than saving their garden–they just might need to save their friendship too.PRAISE for Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever!“Offers kids lots of minutiae to look at, including clever endpapers with comical one-liners...Detailed, animated, vibrant drawings accentuate the drama and neatly depict the concluding message that celebrates compromise...Kids will enjoy the quirky visuals while appreciating the creative relationship of these two companions.” —Kirkus“Illustrations show small detailed and colorful vignettes of Maxine, her family, and friends in full invention mode...Each has a strong personal view and a bit of attitude as they express themselves through their approaches...This title allows young readers to view changing relationships through strong-willed characters who learn how to work together.” —School Library Journal