September 9, 2009

If you've been to our website, you probably know that we have a list of Frequently Asked Questions. However, after taking a long, sobering look in the mirror, we've admitted that maybe we're not perfect, and perhaps there are questions every writer wants to know about an agency but hasn't had a chance to ask.To remedy this, we're offering writers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be anonymously immortalized on our site. We're looking to add about five new questions to the FAQ that perhaps we overlooked, things you think all writers should know about an agency before sending in their work, or questions specifically about our how we work as an agency.An example may be:

  • Q. I sent in my submission but didn't immediately receive an auto-response. What gives?
  • A. Each of the agents are working with different email programs to fetch the submission emails, and sometimes our auto-replies don't bounce back immediately. If it's been more than five days since you sent and you haven't received an automated reply, your message could have been eaten by a spam filter. Please resend and let us know that its a second try.

So there you have it! Please post your suggestion for a question as a comment (remember, these will fit in with what's already on the FAQ; this isn't the time to ask a question about a specific submission or anything). If you'd like, pick questions above you that you particularly think are useful. We'll lock the comments around tomorrow at this time, pick our five favorites, and add the questions and our answers to the site.