Favorite Kidlit Villains
December 4, 2009

There are many great villains out there, from the moustache-twirling doofuses, to the sick and twisted sociopaths, to the evil wizards bent on world domination or the misunderstood loners who think their heinous acts are actually doing good.Kids books have seen the arrival of some truly memorable villains in the past few years, so I thought I'd take the pulse of you readers and writers to see which ones rank as your favorites. Are you more a fan of the classic, 100% evil villain? Do you like your bad guys to have a troubled past and some sympathetic reason for going afoul? Are you into the darkly charming bad guys/girls who you either love to hate or hate to love? In either the comments below or using the hashtag #kidlitbadguys on Twitter, cast a vote for your favorite villain from children's literature. The winners (or losers?) will be revealed on Monday. Please note: I'll only be counting the first villain you list, so if you want to name a bunch of favorites, make sure to put your number one choice first!