Happy Book Birthday to Jacqueline West's THE COLLECTORS
October 9, 2018

Today is the day THE COLLECTORS, Jacqueline West's haunting middle grade novel, hits the shelves. This is a story about what happens when our wildest wishes really do come true.

Van has always been an outsider. Most people don’t notice him. But he notices them. And he notices the small trinkets they drop, or lose, or throw away—that’s why his collection is full of treasures. Then one day, Van notices a girl stealing pennies from a fountain, and everything changes. He follows the girl, Pebble, and uncovers an underground world full of wishes and the people who collect them. Apparently not all wishes are good and even good wishes often have unintended consequences—and the Collectors have made it their duty to protect us. But they aren't the only ones who have their eyes on the world’s wishes—and they may not be the good guys, after all“A fast-paced and engrossing tale. Readers may not wish to leave this magical world.” --Kirkus“A brilliant fantasy adventure exploring the consequences of getting what you wish for.”--Booklist“Original, brave, and addictive. West has created creatures cuddly and terrifying and hilarious, and a protagonist you will love. This is a world you’re going to want to return to long after the book is done.” --Adam Gidwitz, award-winning author of A Tale Dark and Grimm“Magic and mystery lurk behind every shadow in this inventive, engrossing, and wonderfully strange adventure. In The Collectors, Jacqueline West gives readers a book to adore.”—Anne Ursu, author of The Real Boy"The Collectors has the whole package -- a brilliant premise, a compelling hero, and a crackling sense of humor. It’s everything a young reader could wish for!”—Jonathan Auxier, NYT Bestselling author of The Night Gardener “The Collectors is made out of dangerous and delightful magic.” - William Alexander, award-winning author of A Properly Unhaunted PlaceCongrats to Jacqueline! We can't wait for Book 2 in Fall 2019!