My Neighborhood Has the Bestest Signs!
October 9, 2009

I have been remiss in adding to this blog over the past few weeks, because I've been working, and working hard, from sunrise to long into the night. (Spare a moment and a tear for your resident Crow, hunched over his desk, making sales and editing manuscripts and only rising when vision and good posture have gone for good. O, the crippling effects of labor! &c.) And while I have been tinkering with a few posts about the Industry and where it may or may not be going, neither is done.One day soon, Chris and I will institute "Plagiarism Fridays" here, but in the meanwhile, some local sights that prove that, like it or not, we live in a post-literate culture. (Where are the SPOGGians when you need 'em?)#1. "Yo, keep your effing metrics off our ball field, Eurotrash!"


#2. "Trust me: You don't want to know what we call a dog round here."


#3. "Oh, I am so sory that I wuz trubled by yur trak werk!"


#4. Actually no errors in this sign, but I at first misread it as "Overcome obstacles with Oversize Pants" and did a double-take. The day was all downhill from there.


Have a good weekend, everyone! And may your oversized pants help you overcome every obstacle!