October 5, 2009

Believe it or not, I

To-Do List

meant to post about priorities on Friday. But, as is often the case, other things came up-- notes for a manuscript, calls with someone from a contracts department--and I found myself putting this post off. Almost poetic, ain't it?And it wasn't too hard to do. You see, as much as I like writing these blog posts, they fall pretty low on my list of priorities, somewhere near going through the slush pile and reading deals on Publisher's Marketplace.Agents are busy people. We must write and respond to emails, make phone calls, talk shop with other agents, prepare for conferences, read manuscripts, and manage a thousand other tasks that fall under the umbrella of trying to find new clients and helping our current ones. Then, of course, many of us have families, personal lives, or an undying love for professional sports.Of course, as busy as I find myself, I'm still working only one job. Which means I can't imagine what you must be going through if writing isn't what's currently putting bread on the table.So tell me ... how do you prioritize when it comes to your writing? Where does your craft and your work fall among all the other occupational, familial, and personal responsibilities you have? And how do you stay committed to carving time out each day to follow your dream?