Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Reader!
January 29, 2010

Over the holidays, the Crows took some time away from the fire of agenting to read things other than manuscripts and contracts. (I know, I know—who knew there was anything else? But it turns out the world of print is far bigger than just our little grimy corner of the bookstore. Will the wonders never cease!?) Some of us lost ourselves in the fat new Stephen King novel; others laughed their asses off over a Bill Bryson book (a helluva way to lose weight); still others turned for inspiration to that magazine of national record In Style to see just what it is we should be reading.

What books can the stars not put down?


There is the usual highbrow name checking going on—though I don't know whether to give Rashida Jones and Jennifer Garner props for moving beyond the current bestseller list, or a raised eyebrow: maybe this book has just been sitting there on the nightstand gathering dust for the past few years. But the true wonder of this list is what Tyra Banks is reading: The Facttracker, a terrific middle-grade novel from Harper Collins. Is this perfect for her reading level? (She is, after all, the woman who needed to coin the term "SMIZE" because saying "Smile with your eyes" again and again proved too taxing.) Does she even know it's for ten-year-olds? Did she think it was all about "facts"? Has she figured out yet that it's fiction? Whatever the case, for choosing a children's book, we here at Upstart Crow Literary salute Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Reader.