Ted Malawer is a veteran agent who specializes in middle grade and teen fiction. Before working in children’s publishing, Ted studied Comparative Literature at Columbia University and trained as an opera singer at the Juilliard School. Ted’s favorite kind of author is not afraid to get his (or her) hands dirty to make a manuscript the best that it can be. He especially loves stories with artistic themes—or dachshunds.

In his own words: “I cannot imagine a more fulfilling job than helping to create books for children.”

"When I was younger, I read anything I could get my hands on. While other kids spent their summers playing baseball, I kept charts of the stories in my “to read” pile from the library and rewarded myself with a gold star when I was finished. (Looking back, if that wasn’t the sign of a future English major I’m not sure what is.)

"Now, my favorite books for young readers are ones that capture the spirit of burgeoning adolescence, whether through humor or sadness or romance or fantastical storytelling—or, better yet, through all of them!”