Chicken Break

Cate Berry
Charlotte Alder

Chicken Break is simple fun with some wild and crazy chickens…

These chickens (ten to be exact) have one mission: to escape the coop and have some wild fun. One by one, the chickens break out. When all ten are out, they let loose! But chickens get tired, and after their wild day, one by one, they head back for some much needed relaxation. Even party animals need some rest.

Filled with spunk and spirit, this is a fun and energetic way of engaging young readers to count to ten and from ten to one!

"Berry's snappy rhymes (some brilliantly unexpected: "Five chickens tippy TIPtoe. / Six chickens incognito") match the frenetic energy of the cunning poultry. But it is Alder's boldly outlined cartoon chickens that steal the show."—Kirkus Reviews

"The raucous tale is delightfully illustrated by Alder with big, colorful drawings showcasing a variety of lovable chickens that readers will want to pick up and hug....Full of wordplay and an extra dose of cuteness, this is a definite first purchase for all children’s collections."—School Library Journal