When Daisy the warthog’s classmates tease her, she finds comfort collecting lost and forgotten things. She knows they’re special – and soon she meets a friend who knows it too.

“Daisies seem so simple on the surface, but when you look closely you see their hidden beauty.”
That’s what Daisy the warthog’s mom always says, and it’s the reason she got her name. But when Daisy goes to school, she doesn’t feel like her name. The other kids, Rose, Violet, and Petunia, make fun of her and call her “Thistle.”

Daisy spends a lot of time with her head down, but she doesn’t need her classmates to have fun. When she looks at the forest floor, she starts to find all sorts of treasures, beautiful things that were once special and have since been forgotten. The other kids might make fun of her pastime, but it turns out she’s not the only one who appreciates the hidden beauty of forgotten things when she meets a like-minded new friend.

With vibrant, sun-dappled art, this is a book for any kid who has trouble fitting in and marches to the beat of their own drum, from the acclaimed author and creator of Boats for Papa, Laundry Day, and Henry and Bea.

Praise for Daisy

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

★ "This sweet tale of being overlooked and recognizing value others don’t is a perfect treasure."—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"One for the misfits, this story is an ode to the art of paying attention and honoring and appreciating not just overlooked objects but also overlooked classmates for their 'special beauty.'"—The Horn Book

"Bagley, always the soul of empathy, doesn’t focus on fixing Daisy or her situation. The story’s power—and genuine hope—comes from an author acknowledging and validating her protagonist’s feelings."—Publishers Weekly