Curious Encounters

1 to 13 Forest Friends

Ben Clanton
Jessixa Bagley

Featuring the clever wordplay of Narwhal and Jelly author Ben Clanton, Curious EnCOUNTers will have children laughing while learning to count from 1 to 13.

Children will have fun learning to count from 1 to 13 in this clever and imaginative book featuring Pacific Northwest critters engaged in curious activities and woven together by a young girl who goes on a hike. Readers will join her in unexpected, silly encounters along the way, such as one moose making a movie, five wolves weaving wool, and eight coyotes kayaking and canoeing. The young girl's hike culminates in what may be the most curious encounter of all: many of the animals in the book enjoying a big picnic lunch together, pulling in humorous details from previous scenes.

"The lively, playful illustrations move the action along as if it takes place on a wide stage."—Kirkus Reviews

"Clever use of page turns connects the scenes as the action continues from one spread to the next in a would-be panorama."—Publishers Weekly

"Scene by scene, the line-and-watercolor illustrations are playful and charming. And placed end to end, most of the pictures would form a circular panorama. A fanciful picture book."—Booklist