Huddle Up! Cuddle Up!

The countdown to bedtime has begun. If you want to snooze, you can’t lose in this football/bedtime mash-up!

It’s Sunday night, football night, and the countdown clock to bedtime is winding down. Will the Dream Team be able to get to bed on time? First there’s the pre-game warm-up in the bath, then it’s time to get suited up in pajamas, and don’t forget your fancy footwork. After some interference from the family dog and a full-counter sweep of the kitchen, it’s time to huddle up and cuddle up for a bedtime story time-out! Football time equals family time in this hilarious twist on the bedtime ritual. Sleep time has never been so much fun!

—Amazon Best Book for Ages 3 – 5 (August 2020)

"A cute read for any family that is missing out on sports (or needs a change-up in their bedtime reading)."—Kirkus Reviews