The After Girls

Leah Konen

Two girls search for the haunting secrets their best friend left behind in this chilling debut.

The Before: Best friends Ella, Astrid and Sydney are planning the perfect summer together after high school graduation.

The After: Astrid is dead and Ella and Sydney are the shocked and shattered survivors of her apparent suicide, not to mention the newest—and grimmest—celebrities of their small North Carolina town.

Ella is determined to find answers, while Sydney dulls her pain with booze and boys. For a while, it seems their grief over Astrid will tear them apart. But when Ella discovers Astrid’s secret journal, the girls must unite to ask the questions no one wants to answer, and to reveal the truths of Astrid’s life that were hidden away for far too long.

"A sensitive look at the wake of a friend's suicide, infused with genuine emotion, hope, and just enough well-placed romance."—Booklist