Waiting for Unicorns

A gorgeous debut about the power of wishes.

Talia McQuinn is much too old to believe in magic, yet she keeps a jar of wishes under her bed. When her whale-researcher father drags Tal to the Arctic for the summer following her mother’s death, she brings the jar along.

During her stay, Tal learns of the ancient Inuit legend of the narwhal whale—the unicorn of the sea—she forms a plan to make the biggest wish of her life.

When the entire population of whales in the Hudson Bay mysteriously disappears and an accident endangers the life of her new friend, Tal must confront the truth: no wish on earth can grant escape from her heartache, or bring her mother back.

"Written by an author to watch, this quiet story of loss and healing will appeal to thoughtful readers."—Kirkus

"This poignant story demonstrates that opening up to new experiences, places, and people can enrich life even in the aftermath of tragedy."—School Library Journal

"This story will resonate with readers." —Publishers Weekly