Warning: Do Not Open This Book

Adam Lehrhaupt
Matthew Forsythe

CAUTION! This book contains monkeys, alligators, and a whole lot of silliness.You really shouldn’t be opening this book.

I’m serious.

Just put it back on the shelf.


You’re still reading this?

Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you...

It looks like a book, it feels like a book, and it even smells like a book. But watch out...madness and mayhem lie within! Debut author Adam Lehrhaupt urges you NOT to take a walk on the wild side in this humorous, interactive romp with inventive and engaging illustrations from Eisner Award–winning comic artist and rising star children’s book illustrator Matthew Forsythe.

This quirky, subversive creation begs to be enjoyed again and again and again.

Praise for Warning: Do Not Open This Book!

"The mood in this outing is light and message-free."—Publishers Weekly

"Children won’t be able to resist the urge to turn the page...In the grand tradition of books that warn children away from reading them...this one invites readers into the action. More fun than a barrel of monkeys."—School Library Journal

"In the tradition of humorous metafictive offerings of the past, this celebration of chaos is a veritable festival of fun."—Kirkus Reviews

"Kids following along will relish the exhilaration of breaking the rules as well as the simple but clever means of cleaning it all up. Expect the titular exhortation on this one to be thoroughly ignored again and again."—Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books