Baking with Steel

The Revolutionary New Approach to Perfect Pizza, Bread, and More

Andris Lagsdin
Jessie Oleson Moore

A simple but transformative product that supercharges your home oven, Baking with Steel offers a whole new way to cook and bake that blows pizza stones and stovetop griddles away. With Baking with Steel, you’ll harness this extraordinary tool to bake restaurant-quality baguettes, grill meats a la plancha, and enjoy pizza with a crust and char previously unimaginable outside a professional kitchen.

“Every decade or two, a revolutionary idea turns into a revolutionary product that actually does change the way we make our food.”-from the foreword by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, bestselling author of The Food Lab

Baking With Steel is a fantastic companion for anyone with a Baking Steel, as it showcases its range of applications in the kitchen. From producing gorgeously cooked pizzas to perfectly seared steak and ice cream in minutes, Andris Lagsdin once again shows that there are many reasons to love the power of steel.”-Nathan Myhrvold, lead author of the award-winning Modernist Cuisine series