Billie Jean!

How Tennis Star Billie Jean King Changed Women's Sports

Mara Rockcliff
Elizabeth Baddeley

A fun and inspiring picture book biography of tennis legend and women's rights activist Billie Jean King .

Anything Billie Jean did, she did it ALL THE WAY. When she ran, she ran fast. When she played, she played hard. As a top women's tennis player, Billie Jean fought for fairness in women's sports, and when she faced off against Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes, the most famous tennis match in history, she showed the world that men and women--and boys and girls--are equal on and off the court.

Named a Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year 2020

“A good addition for collections needing information on the evolution of women’s treatment in professional sports through the life of one of its greatest icons.” —School Library Journal

“Rockliff reveals the pervasive dimensions of the prejudices King faced, heightening her continued perseverance and eventual victories. And the firmly defined lines of Baddeley’s illustrations aptly evoke King’s steely determination through frustrations and joys.” —Publishers Weekly