Leave It to Abigail!

The Revolutionary Life of Abigail Adams

Barb Rosenstock
Elizabeth Baddeley

In this inspiring tribute, award-winning author Barb Rosenstock and New York Times bestselling artist Elizabeth Baddeley tell the true story of one of America's greatest founding mothers: Abigail Adams.

Everyone knew Abigail was different. 

Instead of keeping quiet, she blurted out questions. Instead of settling down with a wealthy minister, she married a poor country lawyer named John Adams. Instead of running from the Revolutionary War, she managed a farm and fed hungry soldiers. Instead of leaving the governing to men, she insisted they "Remember the Ladies." Instead of fearing Europe's kings and queens, she boldly crossed the sea to represent her new country. And when John become President of the United States, Abigail became First Lady, and a powerful advisor. 

Leave it to Abigail—an extraordinary woman who surprised the world.

“Rosenstock and Baddeley tell her story with plenty of verve and forthrightly feminist swagger.”—Publishers Weekly

“Appealing visual elements include expressive illustrations enhanced by cross-stitch-sampler designs in patriotic colors throughout and on endpapers. Highly recommended for public and school collections. Use in American history, women’s studies, and biography units.” —School Library Journal

“Baddeley (I Dissent, 2016) adds humor and panache with her pencil-and-ink illustrations, adding an authentic feel through lovely cross-stitch finishing touches. Author and artist’s notes accompany the text, giving more details and describing the impact the subject had on the modern role of women in leadership. A great selection for Women’s History Month and Presidents’ Day displays.”—Booklist

“Overall, a worthy addition to any collection, this shows the link between powerful women of the past and present. An engaging and illuminating depiction of a woman whose story deserves to be known widely.”—Kirkus Reviews