The Cat Who Lived With Anne Frank

David Lee Miller, Steven Jay Rubin
Elizabeth Baddeley

Told from the perspective of the cat who actually lived with Anne Frank in the famous Amsterdam annex, this poignant book paints a picture of a young girl who wistfully dreams of a better life for herself and her friends, tentatively wonders what mark she might leave on the world, and, above all, adamantly believes in the goodness of people. Accompanied by beautiful, vivid art, this book is a perfect introduction to a serious topic for younger readers, especially at a time when respect and inclusion are so important.

"This gentle introduction to one of the darkest times in modern history ... can also provide a starting point for more in-depth study, reading, and discussion."—School Library Journal 

"A gentle but effective introduction to one aspect of the Holocaust, and to this well-known family.... [A]n independent read for those at the upper end of the age range. It is an excellent resource for introducing the Holocaust in classrooms."—Jewish Book Council